Another Is This Legal? Question

my spouse hacked into my email account, after separation papers had been filed, and printed out emails i had been sending and gave them to my parents. as far as i know he can’t get into trouble for that.

My question isn’t really about the email account. It isn’t illegal to get into a family email account, (people accidentally leave the “remember my password” button checked all the time.) but Spouse 1 impersonated Spouse 2 via the Internet to obtain cell phone records. Wouldn’t that be considered a form of identity theft?

not in nc as far as i know. i had an ex-boyfriend contact my internet provider and had my password changed. went in and sent himself threatening emails. i could prove that i didn’t send them but nothing was ever done about by the fbi. hell, the internet provider wouldn’t even give me any info so i could have proof it was him that did it even tho i already knew it.

Dear brnout:

Greetings. Not that I know of, however this would come under criminal law and I would suggest that you speak with a criminal attorney. Thank you.

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This is a long story, but I’ll make it short. Spouse1 believes that Spouse2 is cheating on them. Both spouses have cell phones, the account being in Spouse2’s name only. Spouse1 subsequently tries to log on to Spouse2’s internet account to view the phone records. Spouse1 is defeated by the need for a password. Spouse1 then in effect impersonates Spouse2 by clicking the lost password link and having a temporary password sent to Spouse2’s email account, which Spouse1 can access and needs to know in order to get a new password. Spouse1, now armed with a “good” password, accesses the records, prints them out and calls every telephone number listed, then accuses Spouse2 of having an affair.
Did Spouse1 violate any laws?