Notificaiton Rules for Response - Motion to Modify Custody

Rosen and Associates,
I have a court order for the last four years that states minor children must remain in the current NC home of record. Ex-spouse has primary custody and has unsuccessfully attempted twice to move the children; in which the court ruled that a move is not in the best interest of the minor children. Ex-spouse has submitted a third Motion to Modify and I responded to the motion in writing within 10 days.
Questions: By NC law do I have to provide the Plaintiff with a copy of my response?
Also, is there a way to prevent multiple court hearings for the same repeated Motions?
Dad of the Year

Anything you file with the court must be served on the opposing party so yes, you must send a copy to your ex-spouse.

There is no way to prevent multiple court hearings. A motion to modify can be filed at any time a party alleges facts that give rise to a substantial change in circumstances. A judge may realize that there have been many motions filed for the same issue in the same court file.