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The court cannot order your ex to move back to NC, however you may file a motion to modify custody based on the job loss and seek an order that the child move back to NC to live with you.

You can also file a motion to terminate or change the parenting coordinator and present your concerns regarding this person’s professionalism to the judge.

You may file a motion for contempt for the travel issue and the child support issue.


You will not have an action against the PC, but may file a motion for contempt if the children miss the visit with you because of your ex’s refusal to bring the children to the meeting place.


File a motion for the judge to rule on the issue. If you are missing visitation due to the PC’s decisions the judge will intervene.

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I just received my relief from stay, my now x- husband filed bankruptcy while he and I were going thru divorce the ED was put on hold, I struggled for approx a yr to get the stay. Now can I pursue my ED while he still has bankruptcy? and for him to buy my 1/2 of the house from me can the amount be added to his bankruptcy along with money due me and for all other items he will owe me for lawyers fees, vehicles I want what I receive sold, how will I gararentee I will get my money???
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You need to contact the bankruptcy court and become listed as a creditor. The ED case will be put on hold until the bankruptcy is complete. Unfortunately I cannot offer any way to guarantee you will get what you are entitled to.