Over the Counter Medication and consent order

In our consent order, I am responsible for providing insurance and for medical bills not covered by insurance. The child’s mother has been sending me bills for where she has purchased over the counter items (orajel, gripe water, miralax etc.) Are these considered medical bills or covered in basic support?

Also, I am extremely unhappy with what I agreed to in my consent order, as I followed my attorney’s terrible advice, and I was wondering if I can retain counsel to terminate the consent order and just take the matter to court?

If your Order specifies that you pay all unreimbursed medical expenses the over the counter items would presumably be included. You may only modify an order if you can show there has been a substantial change in circumstances since the entry of the last order.

I know I had problems finding anywhere that NC spelled out what exactly was considered a medical bill. I did find that Minnesota excluded Over the Counter from unreimbursed medical bills.

You can use the law of other states in support of your argument that those costs should not be included.