Dear stagar:

Greetings. While the judge/coach is a scary issue, since you do not have that judge as your assigned judge, you should be fine. Our judges hear so many cases that I am sure they rarely want to hear about each other’s cases (except to gripe and moan about them). :slight_smile:

You can expect her to be manipulative and a great actress, so make sure you are also prepared appropriately for court. Thank you.

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Back again! We finally have a court date…it is not until late summer, but at least we have an end in site. In the mean time, we have recently found out that a different Family Court Judge is one of the boys’ baseball coaches. Ex is very, very manipulative and we fear she may be fishing for information, suggestions, opinions, etc. If the judge provides this, is their anything we can do? I have faith that because it is a judge that he will remain impartial and not engage. However, this is why we are paranoid…she is very manipulative and paints her as roses and sunshine and we are rain and dirt (same situation for most divorce case I am sure), but we fear her art of manipulation may be hurting our chances in court with our assigned judge. Can we demand a different coach? Are we just paranoid? I have to tell you, I am certain she manipulated it to where she could have this coach for our son. Help! Thanks a million!