Parenting time

According to our agreement I have primary custody and my ex has every other weekend with the kids and dinner once a week, from 6-8. Two of the kids are now involved in team sports, and their practices end at 7. Who is supposed to pick them up?

Also, I have an issue with my ex scheduling activities for the kids on my parenting time (requiring the kids to be with him and/or me to transport), and then canceling them, telling the kids it’s all my fault because I “wasn’t willing to do what was best for them”. Do I have any recourse against this?

The person who is supposed to have custody, should be the party responsible for pick up, but it would also depend on whether he/she agreed to the activity and whether he/she is able to do so based on the commitments with the other children. I would also have to read the agreement as it pertains to legal custody to determine whether either party can schedule activities during the other party’s custodial time, but generally, that is not normal. You should address these issues with the other party immediately and try to come to some resolution. If you are unable to, you should consider filing a child custody claim so that a judge can address your concerns.