Part time work


I have a full time job and other part time jobs that are not guaranteed income, although it is very steady. I make almost $2000 a month extra with my part time jobs…Does that money go toward monthly income in the child support calculator even though it isn’t guaranteed?
I want to cut back on the part time work so I am able to spend that time with my children but don’t want to be “penalized” for having worked so much the past several years by having to keep up that income.


Your actual income will be used in the child support calculation. So long as you are not found to be depressing your income in bad faith to reduce your support obligation, the court will not include income you are no longer earning.


The part time work is fluid and varies…could be $500 one month and almost $2000 the next. How does that work if I need to include it in the CS??


You would use an average.