Partially incorrect name on summons/complaint

I filed complaint, sent the summons to Defendant, received the return receipt.

Upon reviewing the paperwork, I realized I entered the Defendant’s name as
First Maiden Last(married)
instead of how she currently signs her name
First Middle Last(married)

I do not know if she has or will file an Answer, this is uncontested DIY.

Everything else is correct (partial social security number, current address, dates, etc.)
What, if anything, do I need to correct/clarify this situation to make sure everything goes well?

I don’t think it matters how she signs her name. You should be concerned with what her legal name is. Do you know what it was legally changed to when she was married? It should be consistent with what is on her driver’s license.

I don’t recall actually. It might be
First Middle Last(married)

What do I need to do if the names don’t match?

If it isn’t her correct legal name, you need to amend the complaint to correct it. You may want to use an a/k/a or f/k/a in your pleading caption and put both names in the title to be on the safe side since you don’t know which one is correct.

Do I need to do anything with the three copies of the Judgment that were already stamped with the case number?

If the judgment hasn’t been signed by the judge, just make new judgments reflecting the revised caption and type in the case number.