Husband doing the paper work

I am the husband of the relationship and i am the one about to start the paper work. My ex would like to go back to her maiden name. My question comes about with the rosen packet of information. #11 on the sample complaint says “Plaintiff wishes to resume her maiden name” “insert your maiden name here”. I am the male plaintiff. should i change the wording of the actual form to say “defendant wishes to resume her maiden name” ? or just leave it as is and write her maiden name in. and then the papers will get sent to her, do i need to send 3 blank copies of the answer form to her, or I just put it in the complaint and if she really wants to change her name she will download the answer form herself and bring it to our county and hopefully mail it to me. if she does do the form i will have to bring the copy of the answer she got certified(if she mails it to me) to the divorce right? if she decides not to mess with it and not file an answer (its her name, whatever she wants to do) will there be an issue since i put a request for it in the complaint?
Hopefully someone can help. i dont need legal advice, just guidance in the wording of the paper work!

Yes, you should change the wording in the sample complaint to explain what you actually want, that the defendant be allowed to resume her marital name.