I have posted before regarding my son,whom is not biologically my husbands child. Going through the process of separation I have heard that something is about to come up or go into effect in January regarding paternity when it comes to the biological parent not having been a part of a childs life or even knowing about him. Could you please explain what this is and how it will affect my situation regarding child support given my husband was fully aware prior to our marriage and the birth of our son that the baby I was carrying was another man’s child. He chose to become his father and his name is on the birth certificate. Have had no contact over the years with the biological father nor know where he is.

I am not aware of what you are saying will be coming down related to paternity issues in NC. If his name is on the BC, and has held himself out to the public to be the father, he could still be ordered to pay child support if the biological father isn’t around to pay any. The fact that he is on the BC, and has always known he wasn’t the biological father is huge. This is a perfect case for when in loco parentis would apply, since he has stepped into the shoes as being the parent.