Birth Certificate/Paternity


I needed some clarification about birth certificates and paternity tests. I am due in April although I am not legally divorced yet, I know that my STBX is more than willing to sign to have his name removed from the birth certificate. Is it necessary to have a paternity test since the baby’s biological father wants to be on the b/c and acknowledges paternity? From what I understand, a paternity test is for only one reason and that is to determine who the father is when there is a dispute about it. So if there is no dispute over the matter or question of paternity (and there is none) is there any reason that a paternity test would be required to add the bio dad to the birth certificate. Someone told me that it may not be required but would be good to do just to have proof, but to me that seems a bit silly since no one is questioning or disputing the paternity of the baby. Also, if the baby is born outside of NC how would I go about having my STBX’s name removed & the bio dad’s name added with them both residing in NC? If I am legally divorced before my daughter’s birth, would my STBX’s name still be put on the orginal b/c since she was conceived while we were still legally married? I am hoping that it will not have to be, that would really make all of this much easier.