Pending insurance settlements

Can pending insurance settlements be considered part of the marital distribution? My husband and I are currently going through a separation and nothing has been signed due to the fact he is waiting on a pending insurance settlement from another state. He is using that as reason not so sign yet since he doesn’t have extra money for the attorney fees. Am I entitled to half that prior to the agreement being signed? If we had an actual agreement signed, and I put into the wording that I don’t want it, would that be sufficient enough for him to know i don’t want it. I just want this done, but he is dragging it out because of it so I thought if he knew I could get it, we could move on…

What is the settlement for?

He fell and got hurt at work

The money is martial to the extent the award is meant to cover lost wages and medical expenses during the time you were still living together. Money received for pain and suffering is your husband’s separate property.