Insurance Settlement

Dear Chele,

I would certainly go after some reimbursment of those funds. I imagine your husband’s attorney is going to argue that you used those funds for the benefit of the marriage, and it was a gift to the marriage, so you shouldn’t get anything back. But, I would say that you would not have been able to pay off those debts if you had not gotten that settlement.

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I do have a lawyer, I really do! She’s just eye deep in other cases to answer questions as they come to me. :slight_smile:

Okay. In 1997, BEFORE we got married, I suffered a slip and fall at work. A year later, AFTER we were married, work’s insurance company stopped paying for medical expenses associated with my injuries. I hired an attorney and, 3 years later, got a settlement. Everything was in my name, the insurance was mine, my husband was not included in anything.

I used the settlement to pay off all of our existing debt, his and mine and, as a result we have only 2 debts, his car and my student loans (also incurred during the marriage). The cc debt that was paid off was likely mostly post-marital debt.

Does that settlement come into play at all? Am I entitled to recoup any of it or is it done, marital funds?

I should mention that I am the dependent spouse and will be getting alimony and 1/2 of his 401K. We’re just trying to figure out the settlement issue.