Peremptory Setting

I live in California and I have hearing dates in Charlotte, NC for:

May 20 - Motion for Injunctive Relief
May 21 - Civil Contempt for to show cause for failure to comply with order for Interim Distribution and Decree of Separate Maintenance
July 26 - Final IPTC hearing date
Aug 1 - ED Trial Date

Can these hearings dates be combined?
Which ones, if any, do I need to physically appear or can a attorney appear for me?
What is a Peremptory Setting?

You may want to consider motions to continue the dates on the May 20th and 21st to the August 1st date as well as a motion for peremptory setting for the August 1st date to guarantee that you will be reached. If the parties can agree on a final pre-trial order, you can submit that to the court and can avoid attending the pre-trial conference scheduled for July 26th.