Post divorce actions of spouse

I’m not sure if moving the kids around constitutes child abuse, but you do need to find out and possibly use that as a negative influence. I’m not sure what you can do about the “boyfriends” unless they are harming your children in some way. Bill Diehl in Charlotte—pricey–but he is well known—famous, maybe. He can get you anything by his name alone.


I made a complaint to Social Services because I had somewhat the same complaint with my ex. I have my son everyweekend and had been living at my resident for 2 years. My ex moves around atleast twice a year. I complained that it was not healthy for my son. Plus, he was about to start school. Where would he be going since she moves around so much.

Basically, they told me that there was nothing I could do. That it was not a sign of abuse or neglect.

He has been in school for a year now and she has moved twice. Her most recent move was out of his school district. The teachers have not turned her in b/c they like my son. But my x has a hard time getting my son to school every morning. Now, he is going to have a review session to determine if he should be promoted b/c of the excessive absences.

Good Luck! But make sure you keep a journal or some other kind of documentation about all of the moving ur x does. Just in case you do end up in court you will appreciate the evidence.

It certainly sounds that you are capable of offering your children a more stable home environment and that her lack of stability is a substantial change affecting the children. We have offices in Charlotte and the number appears in my signature if you wish to schedule a consultation.

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Hello. I am super concerned about the actions of my ex-wife. We are divorced but since our separation, she has bounced back and forth between men and has moved our kids FIVE times in two years. In my eyes, this is child abuse. We have split custody and the kids are with me 50% of the time. They are 6 and 4 and have started to complain to me and my oldest cries frequently about all of the movement. I have been in my house for 11 years and its the house they have grown up in. Do I have a case to get full custody?

Thank you. Also, do you have any referrals of an attorney in Charlotte. My old attorney retired.