Post Separation Inheritance


My ex-spouse is seeking support and that I pay her attorney fees.

Her father passed and left her some money. I have mentioned this to her and she denied it. I have been told by a relative that she put her inheritance in one of her siblings name to hide until the alimony, etc is settled.

Are Wills required to be filed with the Court, Clerk of Court, etc whereby I can subpoena this?

Also, what is the best way I can prove she received money and is hiding it?


Wills do not have to be filed with the court. Probate results do not necessarily have to be filed with the court. Part of this also depends on the state. The best way to proceed if she’s being untruthful is to file a lawsuit and request “discovery” on everything that happened in the will probate and also to get a copy of the will.

She will have to provide the documents or be subject to court sanctions.

If you think she is hiding money, you can also pay a private investigator or service to do an ‘asset search’ to find out everything thta’s in her name.