Pregnant wife claim to Alimony & PSS

Sooo Let’s say the Wife is pregnant (after date of separation) and did not disclose this information
To Husband (child is not the Husbands baby) nor include this information
In her complaint to the courts accusing the Husband of Illict Sexual behavior
So she could alimony because He alledgely entered a new relantionship & has a baby
On the way by another woman (after date of separation)

And wife is living with her boyfriend in another state.

Even though the husband brought to light the Wifes Misrepresentation of Material
Fact in his answer, what exactly happens to her claim for PSS & alimony…

Personally, I do not see how or why the wife would receive alimony if he only claim
To it is “illicit sexual behavior” in which she is also guilty of.

But as I’ve been told many times “the law dosent run off of feelings, it runs off fact”

Yours Truly,


Any takers on this issue?

I think your post jumps around a bit, maybe that is why attorney did not answer. I think Alimony is based on actions before separation date. Maybe an attorney could clarify that. If your case was already heard, what the attorney you hired think?

Hasn’t been heard.
But after Defendant wrote his answer the Plaintiff/wifes attorney sent
No paperwork about alimony to the Defendant, Only the other cases.

I do believe since she became uneliglbe for PSS that there’s the reason her
Lawyer hasn’t filed a court date for alimony. And the defendant was unemployed
The 1st 5 months of the year, the Plaintiff/Wife left the marriage shortly b4 the Defendant
Got re-employed… got me thinking… hmmm alimony is in consideration of what the defendant
Was making @ the time of separation… but from their separation agreement the separated nin May 2 weeks b4 he got a new job.