Preparation for ED trial


Dear alljams:

Greetings. First, I would prepare any client for trial by practicing their testimony with them and possibly by reviewing any difficult exhibits with them.

Remember that letters from anyone that is not in court is hearsay, and therefore not admissible, unless they fall under one of the exceptions to hearsay. Why are you creating your exhibits for trial?

I suggest that you spend one or two hours going over your testimony and reviewing the attorney’s trial note book (the exhibit portion). Best of luck.

Janet L. Fritts
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Hi Janet and Forum Members:
This may sound a little emotional, but there’s nothing better than to go to the clerk of court’s office and see your case on the docket to be heard for the following week. This happened today.

With that being said, I was just wondering how you would prepare a defendant for an upcoming ED trial. I have taken all issues, made folders for evidence, and have written summaries in each.

There’s still the issue of alimony to consider, and part of the complaint was constructive abandonment. I have folders for income for the past 4 years, as well as cancelled checks for all marital debts I paid.I also have doctors reports from a car accident after DOS, and the fact I lost partial vision from it.

For debts, I have the dates these occured, how much is still owed, and settlement letters for less than original ammount.

A store was closed before date of separation, and I have tax returns, a letter from the accountant stating when this was closed, a financial compliation report 3 months before it closed, and letters from creditors stating I still owe money from this.

My lawyer has been in criminal court, and I know the calendar call is Thursday. I’m 17th on the list, and I hope I’m as prepared as I can be. Any suggestions ?

God bless you in all you do, and thank you so much.