Primary care of children?

You will probably end up with a parent coordinator which will decide whats best for the child if you cannot agree on custody.

Thank you for the reply but how do I see a parent coordinator and where are they?
Again Thank you

North Carolina is NOT a 50/50 state. It ought to be. Write your NC State Representative and your NC State Senator and tell them to make NC a 50/50 custody state.

Although fathers and mothers are supposed to be given equal rights, the judges here overwhelmingly favor mothers over fathers.

Thank you ure for the reply sorry took so long I was vacation with the children and we just got back I was told that NC was a 50/50 state I hope I am right but you are right that the court will look at the mother over the father I have seen it and felt it and this is not fair and right if I was to live in a 2 bedroom appartment I would never get them but SHE can not right but in time this will all change in my faver but until them must wait
Again thank you

ask yhe courts to appoint you one or talk to a lawyer and they could probably recommend one to you.


No, NC is not a 50/50 state, but we are a state that looks at the best interests of the minor child, which changes case by case. Yes, one of you can get the primary care of the children. If you don’t make an agreement, then you have to go to court to get a schedule of custody/visitation.

I don’t know why she is telling you anything, except that you both probably disagree on the best interests of the children. Thank you.

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I have been off for a while but can you please tell me can the STBX or me get primary care of the children I was told that NC is a 50/50 state is this true? I know that if we sign a paper then this will happen but if not a paper then what?
How can she tell me that she is going to wait one year to get the children from me is this right?
I hope no one else is going though this drama
Please let me know and help me
Thank you