Prior to Relocation

My ex wife is custodial parent of our two boys and we currently reside in IL where we relocated to from FL prior to divorcing to be close to her family. She now wants to move to NC to live with her BF who was transferred there for a minimum of two years before be can attempt to transfer back to IL. She is requesting that I allow her to move with the the kids to NC. I would actually love to allow this and move there myself except for one thing. In the agreement her attorney drew up the last stipulation is that I agree to let her decide if and when it is in the kids best interest to move back to this part of IL. IF I were to sign this would a NC court uphold that and not allow me the right to fight her to stay in NC once we were down there?

Please help, if further legal counsel is needed I will happily retain an attorney.

I would need to read the agreement to be able to give advice on the potential move, but if you believe the language is not beneficial for you, you should consider entering into a modification to substitute different language for that of the current agreement so that the provisions that you are concerned about do not create an issue in the future.