Pro Se Divorce-Did I do this right?

Ok, apparently I “filed the wrong papers” the first time around, for no fault, uncontested absolute divorce. So, I filed an ammended complaint, with copy of marriage certificate and marriage settlement agreement, AND verification signed by me. It is all filed at courthouse. I sent my ex the papers, again. The first time around, he signed and notarized the MSA and the waiver/acceptance forms. When I filed the ammended complaint on the same docket and sent him the papers again, he sent me a message and said he refuses to sign the same papers that he has already signed. I have both green cards signed and returned to me where he accepted the papers. My thirty days wait is almost up. My question is, what next? I file the affidavit of service and green cards with clerk, get my notice of hearing and pick up a divorce certificate to fill out. Since he already signed one waiver, do I have to notify him of hearing or not? If so, I wait 10 days for court date, and show up at court with my divorce certificate and 3 copies of my judgment, correct? We have been separated for a year and a half and I really want this over with as soon as possible. Thank you for your time and any guidance you can give.

After the 30 day time period for your husband to respond lapses you will need to contact the clerk to obtain a hearing date, and file a Notice of Hearing (and calendar request in some counties) and send a copy of the file stamped notice (which lists time, date, and location of the hearing ) to your ex.