Forgery is a crime as well as opening the credit lines in your name. The institution that allowed him to open the credit lines is also at fault. You will need a lawyer to press criminal charges.

If the ex does not respond to your emails about the alimony, then you have no choice but to take him to Court for breach of contract.

I am assuming you are both out of the country on deployment and that you both are still residents of North Carolina. In that case you need to file an action and take him to court to recover the alimony owed, and additionally to recoup the money he fraudulently took from your checking account.

To initiate the lawsuit you will file a Complaint with the clerk

What is the best procedure for me to take the action for the alimony that my ex-spouse owed? I tried to contact him through e-mail if he wants to settle it without going to the court but he is not responding. I am here in Korea and he is in Okinawa Japan I would like to know what paperwork would I need if I take him to the court. In addition, he forged some of my checks and cashed it between March 2003-Feb 2004. And also, he opened two credit loans under my name and signed the application without my knowledge. Please advice.