Proof of separate property


Dear philzone:

Greetings to you too! The court would consider all three as evidence of the gift. Proof that the property was transfered to your sole name, remained in your name unchanged, and was never used for the marriage may be sufficient to prove the asset is separate. Best of luck.

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I have a question regarding separate vs. marital property. Please consider the following scenario:

An individual in a potentially contested divorce has an item of property that was given to him/her as a gift. Given the above, what might the court consider as a proof of gift as below?

(1) An affidavit of gift, signed and notarized prior to the date of separation,

(2) A handwritten letter that is signed, dated, and postmarked prior to the date or separation, and/or

(3) The individual’s word alone.

Would the court merely consider (1) and (2) above?

Thanks again for your ideas.

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