Separate Property bank account

i have had a bank account in my name only with my sister as the only beneficiary. Spouse was never on the account.
i have never comingled these funds. I can only document the source of the funds in that account for the last 5 years. That source was gift checks given to me in my name only which i deposited directly to that account.
All funds in the account were from gift checks given to me in my name only, but the total funds in the account amounts to about 3 times the amount of money that i can document. Problem: spouse is claiming that account to be marital. She has no grounds, no documentation whatsoever because it truly is “Separate”. What do i need to produce in court to make it conclusive that the account is separate property and always has been?

Sounds like separate property to me.

What it sounded like to you was not the question.
Further, your “flip” offhand, cutsey remarks show extreme contempt for people struggling to survive the trauma of divorce, from which you make a living.
If you are going to hold yourself out as a help source you should exhibit some respect for the public who seeks that help.
BTW this in not the first of those cute, meaningless answers you have given

He gave you an answer. You already said you could only document for 5 yrs, take that information to court and judge will have to decide which story to go with. You can try subpoenaing the bank for records further back, but they may not have them.