Property Deed


sounds like you need to have him do a quit claim deed … m_deed.htm

But its worth the price to talk to a lawyer on this one so that both of you are protected. If you two are still talking perhaps you can agree to split the cost and limit the discussion to just the house deed/loan issues or else you can fold it into a seperation agreement and cover more.



I was married on March 18, 2006 and my husband has since moved out of the home (June 24, 2006). In April 2006 I purchased a home, and made the required down payment from my personal funds, the loan is in my name only, but the deed is in my name as well as his. Is he in anyway financially responsible, how do I go about getting his name off deed, and is he entitled to half the home? At this time he is not helping with the house payment or any of the other household bills.
Thank you