Property/Inheritance Division

Dear JJones,

If your brother and his wife live in North Carolina, and are living in separate homes, they were legally separated once they began living in separate places. However, since they are still married, his wife’s signature will be required on the deed. It sounds like your brother needs to talk to a lawyer about having a separation agreement and property settlement drawn up.

I hope they are able to work things out for your sister. Good luck!

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I have a question about a family inheritance problem. I’m confused about what is considered separate properties when dealing with division of marital properties. My Brother has recently serparate from his Wife (not an legal separation). Our Mother died eighteen months ago without leaving a will. She left a modular home and lot to us. My Sister is in the process of finalizing a loan to purchase the home. The problem is my Brother’s wife will not sign the transfer of deed documents. This will stop the loan process. Is my Brother’s Wife signature required?

                              Thanks for your help, JJ