Property Split


Me and my ex have not yet finialized divorce I have papers at my house that his lawyer sent but I have not signed yet. We have a house that the title is in his name but the mortgage is in both our names. He wants the house but I don’t see why he should have it. He left me with our children there. He hasn’t come back in almost a year. We do have a second property that we used to live in that is in my name but aquired after marriage. However someone is living in with a rent to own agreement. He is letting me have that. I don’t see how he can get the house and he is currently living with his fiance (yes he’s already engaged to be married and isn’t divorced yet). I plan on getting a lawyer but haven’t yet because of finances. Is the divorce still going to be final even if I don’t sign the papers?


If you have not agreed to your property distribution you must file a claim in the divorce action for Equitable Distribution. If you do not have a claim pending at the time of divorce you will lose your rights to have the court distribute the martial property pursuant to the Equitable Distribution laws.