Question about the house

Don’t think so. If there was an Equitable Distribution claim filed and was pending before absolute divorce then it’s possibility but after absolute divorce, if there is no pending ED claim, then neither spouse can claim as property anything from the other except what is in the agreement or court order.

Thanks, I forgot to ask, her name is still on the Deed to the house, but nothing else, that is the only tie left between the 2, can she just come take the house then or no since there is a paper signed by both parties of who gets what. There was some confusion, when the divorce papers were signed he thought that her name was coming off the Deed but it didn’t…so now he is afraid since she all the sudden wants to come take the house, 5 months after divorce papers were signed

If your divorce has been finalized for a couple of months now, can your spouse all the sudden decide they want the house? Even if you have papers saying and signed by both parties that the husband gets the house, and she gets all the furniture.
Thanks in advance…