Purchasing a House

I would like to purchase a house before my divorce is final. Will the STBX be able to sue me for this?

The home will not be considered martial property if purchased after you are separated, but there are certain other rights (such as estate rights) that attached to property purchased before you are legally divorced. You will need to have a Free Trade Agreement in place, and recorded with the register of deeds in the county where you plan to purchase your new home.

Thanks! Is this something he has to sign or is something that I file alone?

It is an agreement both of you must sign before a Notary Public.

ok, my best bet may be to wait until the divorce is final because he is being very difficult. Can he be ordered to sign that agreement? Once the divorce papers are signed, how long does it take for it to be final?

He cannot be ordered to sign a free trade agreement. Once the judge signs the divorce decree the divorce is final, and a free trade agreement is no longer necessary for you to be able to purchase property on your own.