Pyschological Evaluations


Dear stagar:

Greetings. My opinion is that with the right evaluator (and the right person in this role makes all the difference) a psychological evaluation, or even a custody evaluation, is a great tool. Even when people are “prepared” to fool an evaluator, they have tools and resources to get to the heart of the matter. Go for the evaluation if you have any concerns about your ex’s conduct. Be candid, open, positive, and honest in your evaluation and hope for the best. Most importantly, make sure that your attorney has had a previous evaluation from the person you pick to evaluate the matter and that your attorney trusts them. Thank you.

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Hello again…thank you for answering yet another question

What do you think of pyschological evaluations? we suspect emotional abuse, but are anxious about the outcome of an evaluations because the EX is very deceitful and will most likely program the children before the evaluation (even if she is ordered not to). I guess what I am really try to get at is are they worth it from your perspective?

Thanks a million!