QRDO Cheaply?

Hi. I need to have a QDRO prepared. The lawyer I consulted with said it would cost $1,000. I looked online and there are ones for $300. So can I do a QDRO cheaply? If I do on online, how do I get it in front of a judge to sign off on? I really don’t have the $1,000 to spend.

I’m not an attorney.

Wow, $1,000 is much less than the $2,500 I was quoted! I believe you would be getting a good deal by paying the extra to have an attorney take care of it for $1,000.

I’m not sure how the attorney will respond to your question since it might undermine the price for all attorneys.

You could try to do the QDRO yourself. We can help you through the process with Rosen Online. You may find more information here:


Thanks! And that online service will have a QRDO in it?
Also, I am sure it will tell me, but once I have it, how do I get a judge to sign off on it? Is that hard to do as a non lawyer?

The online site has everything you need to complete the QDRO. You will have to do the work yourself, but we will answer questions. We do not, however, review documents. The process is time consuming, and will take some dedication to work through.