Question about alimony

I had an affair a year ago…I came clean to my husband and he decided to forgive me and I went to counseling and things were going ok. He decided 3 weeks ago that we needed to live apart …he initiated it by leaving our house and staying at his sisters. We are currently both going to marriage counseling. 3 years ago, he was charged with felony embezzlement due to a huge gambling addiciton. He ended up with 6 months house arrest and 3 years probation, which will be up the end of sept this year. I stood by him thru all of that, never once left. We are hoping that counseling will help us heal and we will stay married, however, if we end up divorcing, since I am the dependant spouse, will I be awarded alimony even though I had at one time in our marriage been unfaithful?

So long as he forgave the affair your defense to any ascertation that you are barred from seeking alimony based on an affair would be condonation.