Affair prevent alimony?


About 6 years ago, I had an affair. My spouse and I went to counseling. We reconciled and she verbally forgave me. Since that time we have lived together and been intimate. Now she has asked for a divorce.

Will admission of an affair prevent me from receiving alimony? Or will her forgiveness, our reconciliation, and intimacy be enough to persuade the courts to force her to pay me alimony?


Condonation (forgiveness) is a defense to an ascertation of adultery as a bar to alimony. If your spouse forgave you 6 years ago and there have been no further incidents of adultery your claim to alimony is not barred.



Thank you very much for your quick responses to all my postings. A huge thanks to you and the Rosen firm for allowing ALL of the confused and frustrated soon to be divorcee’s to ask questions and review other peoples questions. You have been extremely helpful and I will recommend this site to anyone that has the unfortunate task of having to go through a divorce.

I am off to mediation next week, wish me luck!

Thanks again for all of your assistance.


I wish you all the best, let us know how things turn out.