Question about resumeing marital relations

I believe that resuming marital relations includes residing together. Isolated incidents of sexual relations after separation does not count as resuming marital relations…
If you have not filed for absolute divorce, then the divorce process has not started. Your property agreement stands as is until you put in writing that it is being nulified due to reconciliation, I believe…
In this situation, I believe that you are separated regardless of whether or not you are dating your spouse.

Thanks stepmom.
I had heard different that if they spent one night in your home or your had a sexual relationship with them you had to start back over.Very confused about all this really.[?]

My husband and I have been separated over a year.We have a legal property agreement also.
We have been seeing one another for over a month and have resumed our martial relations.
My question is since we still live apart.
Can the divorce be stopped and the legal agreement broken because of this dating and sexual relations? That only happened once.