Question on Deed to Property

Yes, changing the deed to the house changes the character of the property from strictly your separate property, to marital property. Your wife’s entitlement to a portion of that property would increase with her name on the deed. However, even as your separate property, if she can show that marital funds were used to decrease the mortgage balance, she still has rights to a portion of that decrease in debt (or increase in equity).

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My wife and I are discussing seperation. We finished our house about a month prior to our wedding. The house and land were Deeded in my name only (and paid for by me). Today, the Deed still only lists my name. My wife has requested that I add her name to the Deed as well (we are hopeful of reconciliation, but nothing is certain). Would this change any status of ‘ownership’ from an asset standpoint? Or because the house was mine pre-marriage, it woudn’t matter.