Question regarding item in separation agreement

I legally separated from my husband last August, using a form found on your website and registered with the Register of Deeds. In that agreement, it lists four items that he is “entitled to leave at my house until some point in the future.” It has now been ten months and I am tired of looking at his stuff. Also, I have bought replacement items for what was his (such as the bed) and really don’t have room to be a free storage facility any longer. Would I be violating our agreement by placing said items in a storage unit, paying for the first month, and sending him a certified letter, along with the key, explaining that he has 30 days to either get his stuff or assume ownership of the storage space? I prefer not to have him come to my house to pick up his items, and I figured that was a neutral location and would give him ample time. Please help!!

The agreement is vague as to when he must retrieve the items he left, but it does not require that you keep these items as custodian either. I believe the solution you present is reasonable. If your ex was to sue you for breach of contract, I believe a court would have a hard time finding you in willful breach of such a vague term, and again the solution you propose is certainly reasonable.