Property in home

I have been separated since July 5, 2010. Per our separation agreement, I have exclusive possession of the marital residence. My ex still has personal property in the home, and I cannot get him to come and pick it up, but he doesn’t want me moving his things. How long do I have to allow his things to be stored at my house? Can I move the property? The stuff is junk. A broken 57"television, three dressers and a box of dishes. I am willing to carefully load and take the property to a neutral third party residence or even deliver it to his home. I just don’t want to continue storing it in my home. What is my best course of action?

Unless the agreement requires you to store his property you do not have to. You may send him a letter and let him know that you will be disposing of the same by a certain date if he does not come collect it.