Quit Claim Deed signed after Divorce

Can a Quit Claim Deed or Separation Agreement be signed by Judge after the divorce decree? My ex & I signed everything (separation agreement, quit claim deed and custody papers) before the divorce was finalized. I submitted copies of all these papers with the divorce request when it was filed in jan 2012. I got back only a 2 page divorce decree, stating we were divorced. I did NOT get back any other papers signed by the judge, such as the sep agreement or quit claim deed or custody. If judge did not sign these forms, does that make them null & void?
My ex signed over house to me in separation agreement & quit claim deed so our children would have a place to live. Judge did not sign it only notary. Now the loan underwriter is asking for it to be signed by judge so I can modify home loan to get ex off loan! How can I get these forms signed by judge AFTER divorce decree??

The judge doesn’t have to sign the separation agreement and quitclaim deed. You file the deed with the register of deeds. Your separation agreement should contain language that, when combined with the quitclaim deed, will allow you to refi the house.