Quit Claim Deed

My divorce was finalized on Jan 5 of this year. My ex-husband is in the process of trying to get our home refinanced into his name, as he refused to move out and has been living in the house since our initial separation on Oct 6, 2007. The mortgage company has requested additional information from him and has asked for a Quit Claim Deed from me. I did not have a Quit Claim Deed completed during my separation/divorce consultations. Do I need to retain another attorney to obtain the Quit Claim Deed and to make sure that it is completed correctly? Or, is there somewhere that I can get the forms and just have them notarized and file them with the register of deeds in the county that the home is located in? If I do need to retain an attorney, does it have to be someone in the family law field, or can it just be a general attorney?

Your husband should have the deed drawn up by an attorney for your signature. It is not necessary that the attorney practice family law.