Quitclaim deeds and Free Traders: Can we do ourselves?

Hi, my husband and I own two properties. In this economy, it’s likely that we will each get a property in the separation agreement and then need to refinance each on our own, do free traders agreements, and quitclaim deeds.

Question one: I saw that Rosen has the free traders agreements online. Can these get notarized at the bank and then dropped off at the courthouse, or what is the process? Must my husband and I both take them to the courthouse and have them notarized there?

Question two: I cannot find quitclaim agreements online, even on your site. How can my husband and I do quitclaim agreements ourselves?

Question three: What needs to be done first - the quitclaim or the free traders?

We don’t have a lot of assets so we’re trying to keep costs down.

Thank you for your help!

If the Free Trader fits your particular situation, you can use that and have it notarized at the bank. You will then need to go to the Register of Deeds in the proper county and have them recorded.

If you are refinancing a property, the mortgage lender should provide the quitclaim deed as part of the process. After all, you are paying for attorneys costs as part of a new loan.