RE:Custody mod to dad? Is it realistic? Ex refuses to co-op


I had noted before in my previous post that my wife and I have helped my son as much as possible in the past two years with the limited visitation. We have been together that long however we just married 3 months ago and did cohabitate for 1 year prior.
Will the earlier cohabitation negatively impact my case? Does the short period of marriage negatively effect my chances of having primary custody?


Any factor which affects the child can be considered in a custody case, however I do believe your remarriage will negatively affect your case, assuming your wife is not a danger to your child.


Did you mean to say my remarriage will NOT negatively affect my case? or where you saying that the relatively short period of marriage so far does have a negative impact?


I was saying that your remarriage will should not negatively affect your case.