Reasonable maintenance?

I worked for him for 25 yrs, (married 26 yrs) did payroll, phone etc, and stayed home with the kids. He moved out. I found another job, make about 20k. (I made about 25k with him) He makes over 100k. To date he has not given me a dime. House is paid for, but I have all the bills and am just eeking by.

I know there will be lots of factors, but just based on this what are the odds he will have to pay me, how much and how long?

Not an attorney. Not alot of facts here, but your chances are very good you will get alimony and possibly post separation support.

I caution though. People (including attorneys) will tell you that you are entitled to this or that. All may be true, but the road can be long and hard. If your Ex has the resources he can make the road long and hard. Does that make sense? That is why you hear it said here that agreements are better than court. They are faster and cleaner.

Based on the facts you present you are looking at receiving alimony for about 13 years, in an amount equal to the shortfall between your income and your expenses.