Receiving paperwork

I’ve just received some paperwork in the mail and I’m not exactly sure what it means…

One thing I received is an “order to attend parent education”. I’ve already signed up for the class, but what does this paperwork mean my ex has filed for?

The next thing I received is a
“front-end status conference
self-represented litigants in
custody and visitation cases”. Does this mean that my ex doesn’t have a lawyer? If not, then what on earth does it mean?


The order to attend gives you a deadline to complete parent education class. The order is issued when suit has been filed. So long as you have plans to complete the class before the deadline, you need to do nothing else with the Order to Attend.

The other paper does in fact mean that your ex does not have a lawyer, and the court is setting a status conference to help the case along so that it does not get lost in the system.

That’s awesome news. Thanks!
The reason I was so interested to find out whether she has a lawyer or not is, she told me her “lawyer” has said I can’t see my son without supervision of her or her parents. I’m seeing a lawyer on friday to so that I can file for temporary custody, but is there anything I can do in the meantime to get my son since I now know that she definitely doesn’t have a lawyer?? Gosh I hope so!


You may go and see your son anytime, so long as there is no court order in place which says that you cannot. For now I recommend that you wait, at least until Friday, to make plans outside of her parameters (no matter how absurd they are) in order to avoid putting your son in a bad situation. Your lawyer will be in a better place to arrange visitation for you, as he or she will better know all the facts of your case.