Recording a conversation

Is it legal for me to record my husband and I talking on my mobile phone? It would help me to shed light on his bad behavior. Thanks.

*** Not a lawyer

I know it used to be in NC that as long as one party knew they were being recorded, it was legal. I think it is still the same.

Yes, as long as you’re apart of the conversation, and 1 person knows it’s being recorded (aka. yourself).

not an attorney
Just a reminder make sure to check laws in different states I know our state is a 2 party state
My husbands ex recorded one of our conversations she is in NC we are in WA and in our state she broke the law…she didn’t tell me until months after…so if she actually can present this conversation and used it I can press charges

yes it is PERFECTLY legal in the state of NC to record conversations. I just used some of it myself in court a couple of months back. As long as ONE out of a 2 party conversation KNOWS that its being recorded…(YOU) …its legal. for instance…YOU know you are recording a conversation between YOU and this other person. That’s all that matters. HOWEVER, it is NOT legal to record ANY conversation that you, yourself are not a part of…such as going into a room full of ppl and overhearing a conversation between others and recording it…YOU HAVE to be a part of that conversation in order for it to be legal. Hope this helps :slight_smile: now as another poster said…if this other person does NOT reside in NC…you have to check the laws in their state as well…because you COULD run into legal issues if you don’t know their laws on recording conversations. But, as long as you and the other party reside in the state of NC, its perfectly legal.

Thank you all! I have recorded a two party conversation or two of me and my spouse with him drunk and being nasty. I hope it helps my case when we go to court!
Ladybug, did you have one conversation recorded or did you have more than one? I have two conversations ( if you can call it that) and was wondering if that would be enough. I was nervous each time I’d be caught!

Me… we had multiple recordings…but the attorney only played 2 for the judge. We used a voice recorder, so there was no risk of “getting caught” by the other party. If in person, put it in a discreet place like a pocketbook or on a shelf, etc. It records when it hears noises/voices automatically, if its turned on of course lol…if on the phone, the phone was put on speaker phone so that the voice recorder would pick up the entire conversation between both parties. I wouldn’t stop at just two…Id keep it going so that you will KNOW that you have ample recordings, and you never know when you will get a “better” one than the last one that you recorded. Its definitely worth the investment. I cant remember how much I paid for mine…$50 I think…but im sure I seen one for $30. Good Luck!!

It is legal for one party of a conversation to record the contents of a conversation, but you should be aware that there are many legal issues with spousal spying and you should make sure you know where to draw the line.

Thank you Kathleen for your help.
Ladybug, I’m going to look for a voice recorder, it’ll probably be better than using my phone.