Can the other spuse tape conversations witout your knowledge


Yesterday I was informed by the other party that he was taping me without my permission per his attorny’s advice. Is this legal in NC? Can this be admissable? Need aswers quickly.


yes its legal. as long as one party (the ex) is a part of the conversation yes its legal and admissible. no person can record a conversation legally without consent unless they are actually a part of that conversation. your ex was the “consenting” party.


The other spouse is not my ex he is still legally my husband. Don’t wire tapping laws come into play?


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The “wiretapping law” you are looking for is probably NC GS § 15A-287(a) (I’d post a link to that, but apparently linking has been recently disabled). The relevant bit is (emphasis added)

If your husband was a party to the conversations, then it would seem to be legal because he had the consent of at least one party to the communication (namely himself). If he recorded conversations he was not a party to (and he didn’t have consent from someone who was a party), then it seems it would have been illegal.


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SadSadDaddy is correct.


there is a difference between wire tapping and recording conversations between the two of you. wire tapping is when they have a device hooked to your line. recording your conversation with a cell phone voice recorder or tape recorder is not wire tapping :wink:


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That looks like a great resource. Thanks!