Relo to NC, need to refile?

Is your child supprot set up through the state or are y’all keeping documentation yourselves? Your best bet is to contact the office in the county you’re moving. should give you that information. As far as time/custody, as long as that is worked out already and nobody has a problem with any changes, a simple notorized statement with signatures and the changes should be sufficient. But I am assuming y’all are in full agreement with the other parent.

Child support is set up and documented through the state of FL–incom deduction order just to play it safe also.
Thanks, I will attempt to contact Mecklenburg County. I tried to call, but is stated that the service doesn’t allow for phone calls at this time.
Yes, everything is fine with the agreement, everyone is doing well all things considered.
Thanks again.

So, sounds like we just need to file our FL agreement with notarized statement?

Just as FYI for others that might want to know (as I did :slight_smile:
Spoke with Mecklenburg county and the rep there stated that you can continue to have your child support done through the state where the divorce/child support was processed. Even if you want changes, you can still do it through that state, do not have to refile or even file with the state of NC.

I would still like to hear what the atty has to say about this though…thanks!

You may want to register your custody order in North Carolina. This is the process of making the court aware that this order exists so that they can assist when enforcement in the future. You will not need to change anything unless either of you wants to change the order.

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I was divorced in FL back in Oct of 2006 and we have 2 children. We are going to move to NC in July of this year (2007). Everything is done and fine here with child support, shared custody/time, etc., however when we move to NC, do we have to start completely over?

It is amicable and we work well together, so no real issues there, but don’t want to go back through everything if we do not have to.