Reply Needed


How long does it usually take to get a reply at this forum? I see some people have been waiting almost a week.


We do our best to respond timely, but if there is a time sensitive issue we suggest that you schedule a consultation with an attorney to address the issue.


Thank for your reply Lindsay. I do understand that one of the main reasons for this website and it’s forum is to “schedule an appointment with an attorney”. However, the main reason I finally got a reply is because I answered an email sent to me yesterday, supposedly by Lee himself, in which he stated that the goal of response time for your firm is “one business day or less”. Granted, that is a lofty goal in these busy times, but as you see I finally did get an answer to that email within the stated time. Perhaps a disclaimer stating “scheduling appointments” needs to be added to the forum guidelines. This is a wonderful forum. Please continue your efforts to improve it’s promptness.


I do apologize for the delay in our response to your forum post; our goal is to reply with in 24 business hours. We hope that our users enjoy the free service we provide in answering their divorce related questions. We certainly do not encourage all users to schedule an appointment with an attorney; my comment was in reference to time sensitive questions/issues. I hope you continue to use our forum and you find our answers to your questions helpful.