Reply to divorce summon

I don’t think you need to reply if you agree. You have 30 days to respond, and if you don’t, it goes ahead.

Not sure if this going to be right, might be difference with divorce but with CS they will send you papers and asking if you agree to what they are asking. You have so many days to reply, if you agree you need to reply but if you do not agree with what they are asking you do NOT reply, which then it goes in front of the judge for him to determine what is what.

What words you need to reply I cant tell ya, my guess is to just say that you agree to what is listed and make sure you put the case file number blah blah on it. And with CS yes we did have to sign in front of a notary.

I would think it would be sort of the same. But hopefully some will have more postive post then mine

If you both agree about the divorce there should not be anything else involved just the divorce the best part you do have to go and she has to pay the $135.00 for filing this is what I was told and I will soon be doing this and I have to lay out the $135.00 [:(] but thats cool with me.
Hope the best for you

If you are in NC, you do not have to do anything. You have 30 days after you are served to contest anything you do not agree with. If you do not reply, she will go and get a case # and court hearing date after the 30 days are up. It will go before the judge for final judgement. You do not even have to go to court for this.

My boyfriend was finally able to file for absolute divorce. This was what we were told would happen. The cost in Scotland County is $150.00. He filed on 02/10/2006 and can get the date 31 days after she was served which was 02/14/2006. He was having a hard time getting an address for her since she has jumping from one relative to another. His daughter called to say the law had picked her up and she was serving 45 days in jail for non-payment of fines due to a criminal domestic tresspassing case he filed against her. He was able to have her served in jail. She keeps saying she will not sign any papers, but his lawyer says she does not have to sign anything. If she does not contest(they have been separated for 9 years and kids are all over 18 so not much she can contest), it will go before the judge and it is up to him to sign final judgement papers.

Dear lmpotter:

STOP!!! Do not do anything until you consult an attorney. You can lose your rights to alimony and equitable distribution on the date of divorce, so you need to know what you are signing. Good luck.

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I just recieved the summons & complaint papers that my wife has filed for our divorce. My aim is to reply that I agree to the terms stated in the complaint & the separation/property settlement agreement. Is there special wording that is required within the response? Does the reponse need to be signed in front of a notary?