Request hearing in divorce

Married for 14years now separated for one year April 23rd, No legal separation papers filed. He has a lawyer but I don’t, he committed adultery and living with girl friend. He helps with my bills but I am out of work and have some medical conditions.I have no money for layers and I’m forced to represent myself. His lawyer filed equable distributions papers on me and I filed an answer to complaint,afterward they requested mediation and I agreed, but then they was postponed it until May 18th. I feel he plans to file for uncontested divorce before the mediation and I want to request a hearing pending mediation to contest the divorce on grounds of marital misconduct and request for support. I know after I am served with divorce papers I can go to clerk’s office and request a hearing. What I want to know is can I request a juror hearing at that time and set court date? What type of paper do I need to file with clerk and where can I get these forms. Thank You

You cannot contest the divorce itself, the same will be granted based on one year’s separation. You need to file a counterclaim for ED and Alimony BEFORE the divorce hearing occurs, otherwise you lose your right to seek the same in court, or mediation. Some counties offer self serve clinics that you can use to get the proper documents, or you may want to try our DIY service, which offers a complete library of forms.