I need help


I have been living separate for a year and a day and now I am ready to take the next steps to finish my divorce.

We don’t have kids or any property seperaton or anything.

Can anyone help me on the next step/s?



If you do not have any property to divide and you are not seeking alimony from your spouse you may file for an absolute divorce at the year and one day mark.
You will need to file a Complaint (take 3 copies) for absolute divorce at the clerk’s office in your county. The clerk will file the complaint and return two copies to you and he or she will also issue a civil summons. You will need to have your ex served with the Complaint and Summons via Sheriff’s service or certified mail.
Once your ex is served he will have 30 days to respond ( he is not required to do so if he admits the allegations in the complaint). Once 30 days have passed you will need to set the matter for hearing on the court’s calendar and send notice to your ex of when the hearing will take place.
On the appointed court date you will need to be present and have a judgment of divorce prepared for the judge to sign.
Many counties have self serve centers which have the forms necessary to complete this entire process, and have detailed instructions with the rules particular to that county.